Is America Becoming a Feudal Country? Part 2: Privatized Government

In the first part of this series, I talked about the gutting of our surroundings for a few extra bucks by the poor and desperate around us. This one I’m gonna talk about the gutting of government and how it’s going to affect us.

The fact is, until recently we’ve always expected government to work. We’ve always expected the trash to be hauled, the schools to educate, the roads to run smoothly and the police to do a good enough job at finding and punishing our criminals. More recently we’ve also expected them to help us through some rough economic patches (maybe not us specifically, but “US” in general) and to protect us from the more problematic tendencies of capitalism and protect us from discrimination from certain groups.

But now it looks more and more like things are falling apart. Schools don’t educate, roads fall apart, the police is reviled (by those who don’t know better), the statistics are fixed so that our Social Security won’t be able to help (never mind the spending), and capitalist are getting their disastrous excesses protected, legalized and monopolized while the protections are made illegal. At least some groups get to have “hate crimes against them” illegalized.

So what happens? We’re now getting privatization. Government programs for profit.

Think of it: Subdivisions guarded by rent-a-cops, toll roads run by Spanish-Australian conglomerates, schools run by churches but paid for by the government…eventually we’re going to figure out a way to hand control to families, with the idea that somone trying to make a profit off governing people will figure out how to give the people what they want, cheaper better quicker and more satisfyingly.

And we’re going to get a lot of stuff that we’re not bargaining for.

Such as: If someone owns the government, they get certain powers that the government by the people doesn’t have.

Like the ability to keep people out. Private schools can kick out troublesome students easier than public schools can, and I see no reason to assume that one (or two) owners can’t insure that some poor sap (or group of saps) is trapped within some small town with a limited number of roads and private ownership of them.

And you think that a bureaucracy is a heavy burden to carry; try someone whose sole means of support is living off the people he’s supposed to rule. At least we require some semblance of having lived in the real world when we elect our congressmen/senators/president/governor; imagine knowing that the people above you have to make that living off of you. Your grains gives the people above you the right to feed you and dictate their rules to you.

Here’s another thing that privatization of government leads to: deification of the rulers. Think of it: “Divine Right of Kings” wouldn’t have occurred if the people didn’t own government. There needs to be a reason for the masses to accept that somebody above them DESERVES to be on top; hence the idea that God (or the Gods) placed said person (or people) on top.

So let me ask you: Do you want things privatized?

Here’s the issue: Privatize something and it becomes one less source of long-term income. You may get a bunch of money up front, but you lose a long-term source AND power over it as well. And when the item privatized is important enough, the privateers come to own the government.

You want an example of what privatization can lead to, think of Railroads: Unlike the European nations, the United States never nationalized its railroads (outside of Amtrak, and that was a failed attempt to kill off passenger railroading) and throughout the late nineteenth and the first decade of the twentieth centuries all the people seemed to talk about was how constricting it was to travel by train and how the forces who owned the railroads were running the nation. When the car became affordable people began leaving the train and using the publicly kept road system.

Again, do you want privatization to continue? Do you want us to become a Feudal nation (or set of nations, as things will fall to)?

first posted 7/18/08, edited 7/19.08 at 9:45 am

3 thoughts on “Is America Becoming a Feudal Country? Part 2: Privatized Government

  1. You are confusing privatization with nationalization when talking about railroads. Railroads have always been private in the US. Amtrak could be called nationalized railroad, but as you point out it was an attempt to kill it. Personally, at this point I think we should nationalize a lot of our infrastructure because it is falling apart in private hands as they seek greater and greater profit over the short term, and thus don’t maintain or improve it.

  2. Look at Brazil of today and 20 years ago, that is our future. We are being rendered a third world nation by design and plan. Look at Obama wanting to send more American money overseas and to the United Nations. Our leaders are globalists who profit off their world-wide wealth, they do not care about American interests. They are profitting off the selling of roads and more to foreign interests.

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