It All Goes Downhill From Here, Folks…

GM’s 50 Millionth Car Celebration, Preparations and the car itself

GM’s 50 Millionth Car Celebration, Speech and Parade

Take a look at the downtown. There’s thousands of people standing around, watching the floats and marching bands. Buildings are standing which were torn down without replacement in later years. The old buildings of Oldsmobile, Buick, AC (now Delphi and semi-independent) and Fisher Body that have since been torn down (or at least lost their identifying signage).

I recognize the area where the sign pointing out Flint and Saginaw is. It’s Saginaw Street at Dort Street, the southern intersection (“Saginaw” sign points to Dort Highway and the M-54 bypass route, “Flint” points to Saginaw Street and the BR-54).

Everything else looks foreign in its prosperity.

One question comes to my mind: Who’s Mrs. Fisher Body 1955? If nothing else, she’s got one hell of a rack. Hope she didn’t get it reduced at some point.


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