Mike North Leaves The Score….We’ll See…

North, WSCR part ways

First, I’ll take the above news seriously.

Well, it makes sense. After five years in the morning, Mike North seems to have gotten himself out of a job. And a lot of people seem to be happy about it.

So, what happened?

Evidently it started with an attempt to remake his show into a sports version of the Don and Roma Show on a competing station. He would be the “Don Wade” conservative to Anne Maxfield’s “Roma Wade” Liberal voice, and they’d add sports to the mix. Couldn’t fail, could it?

Well, turns out Anne Maxfield couldn’t take the heat. Nor did Mike North want her to; he was aiming for the “Sense-making conservative vs. Light-brained liberal” that the Don and Roma Show displays without the love that Don and Roma show each other on their show. Thing is, sometimes you gotta let the other side speak, and expect your side to stand up even when the other side makes sense. Even with his defending her (which he did when the listeners wanted her hung to dry), the concept didn’t work because he wanted a scripted story every time: High School Dropout Righty dominates Good College Graduate Lefty.

When Anne left, Mike North wallowed more in his likes and dislikes. Frank Sinatra and Connie Francis became his focuses. And Jen Jen…let’s just say the amount of abuse she has put up with all the time she’s been with him, one has to think he overpaid her (or paid her for other things, as some of the posters in some of the Comment sections suggest).

In the end, his ratings were not only bad, but there was evidence that people were tuning AWAY from him. When a competing sports show has a dropoff in the middle of their segment, it definitely makes people interested. Wattie and Sylvie had that dropoff; as it happened that dropoff coincided with the changeover from Mike North to Mullie and Hanley.

So now he’s presently without a job.


I look at the Score web pages, and Mike North still has a page up. So is Jen-jen’s page.

So are they gone? I’m not so sure. I’ll just stand back and watch on this one.

  • UPDATE June 28: Looks like Mike North’s page and name are gone, although they’re now having Fred Huebner as running the morning show. Either Mulley and Hanley couldn’t handle the morning duties (the Sun-Times doesn’t want them to take on the new duties) or they’re still saving the slot for Mike when he returns.

    Or they have especially sloppy website managers.

  • UPDATE July 1: Their front page now shows Mully and Hanley as their Morning Guys.

    So now it’s sure.


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