Got My “Economic Stimulus Check”

Well, I got my $600. Whoopee. Most of the money went to health insurance.

This is actually the second check we’ve gotten from the Shrub Jr. administration, aside from the tax refunds that many of us get. Not only that, but a lot of people get some money every year for being poor enough not to owe taxes.

Here’s what I’m wondering: Are we becoming addicted to the Government giving us money?

I’m not talking about tax returns. Most people are willing to give a bit of money now for it coming back as a lump sum at the beginning of next year. Even those of us who know it’d be better for us to have the money now would rather have the lump sum at the beginning of the year for bills or for stuff to buy instead of a few extra bucks every payday (which would usually be spent on small things).

I’m talking about people coming to expect money from the government on a regular basis. Economic Stimulus Checks, only on a yearly, then quarterly, then monthly basis.

Welfare, for short, for everyone. Everyone (but the rich) dependent on the government for the extra money (and eventually, the money) to make it to the next month. Savings reduced further than they already are (yes, more debt) as people come to think the government will bail them out every month.

In a weird way, we’re talking about a nightmare for the philosophic right. After all, they’ve been trying to get people to depend more on themselves. The philosophic right, however, has never straightened the dislocation between their “depend on themselves” and their strong pro-corporation stance. The corporation did everything to separate the American population from everything but the check that comes every (two) week(s), and the philosophic right just chimes in with “don’t depend on the government to bail you out of trouble.”

Maybe they should have done more of a communitarian stance instead.

But hey…like I said, got my “economic stimulus check.” Whoppee. Paid bills.

2 thoughts on “Got My “Economic Stimulus Check”

  1. I got mine, too. And I’m one of the ones who is too poor to pay taxes. I think it is foolish to be putting our grandchildren in debt, but because I am poor, living on Social Security Disability, I filed so I could get $300. And I spent some on food, and some on new batteries for my disability scooter. I have no shame, taking money like that.

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