An Open Letter to Erica Jong

It’s sad when someone who’s supposed to be a smart, intelligent person turns sour and bitter.

Thing is, usually these people end up turning inward and letting their bitterness eat them up in silence. Usually the bitterness eats to its fill, and the person goes on to a slightly different life. But with Erica Jong, we’re seeing a woman throw a sissy fit online through her inability to handle the loss of her favored candidate to another.

In short, she’s accusing me (and about thirty percent of the population, AKA all white males) of choosing a male over a female. Nothing about Black Males or other peoples. Just me and those with whom I share a Y chromosome and a relative lack of permanent melanin.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Well, I don’t know about the other 29.999% of the male population (quite a few of whom voted for Ms. Clinton in the primaries), but there’s three major reasons behind my support of Obama in the Indiana primary:

  1. I saw that Mr. Obama fired people up, whereas Ms. Clinton’s voters were looking for “someone to beat whomever the Republicans would put up.” This at a time when the Republicans were trying out potential runners, only to stick with some guy whose only sign of presidentiality was being as old as Ronald Reagan when he ran for office in 1980.
  2. Ms. Clinton had her chance to lead: the 1993 Health Care Plan. She failed. So badly, in fact, that the Republicans took over the House and Senate.
  3. Ms. Clinton pandered. I mean, what’s this about a tax that would, at best, fill up a half-empty tank? And why take it from the old coot whom the Republicans decided they had to run with?

The fact is, it seemed that Ms. Clinton had the Democratic spot on the ticket for the taking. She just did such a bad job that we had to look for another person to vote for. Luckily, there was another person we could like, and he has seemingly stood more and more presidential with every day.

Again, for the dense: Ms. Clinton had the Democratic spot on the ticket for the taking.

Now, if it ends up that Ms. Clinton ends up as the Democratic nominee without installing the Florida and Michigan delegates she worked to have voided, then I shall vote for her. I still identify more with Democrats than with the rich folks who want to bring back Slavery (falsely known as the Republicans), and the last thing I want to see is a Republican in the most powerful office (or any office, to be honest) in the United States come February 2009.

Back to Erica Jong: If you want to stomp off and go home, go ahead. You can even change places with Ann Coulter, if you want. But I suggest that you take a breath, reconsider whom your friends and enemies are, and take your stand again with us.

I’ll do the same if Ms. Clinton wins fair and square. That promise I have always had, and will stand by if need to.


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