Peanuts: As Anime Teenagers

edit: reduced to what’s shown below. Evidently the artist wants to limit exposure to that single picture, which is fair enough. I was thinking of cutting down on the number of pictures shown, so while a bit further than I would like, this is in line with my thoughts.

Enough heavy topics, now for something light and entertaining:

Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus as Teenagers

Having been a Peanuts fan since I was a young kid, I found this interesting when I first came up on it. A furry anime artist decided to try his hand at updating the Peanuts Gang to modern teenage life.

Some, of course, cried “FOUL! NOT WORTH LOOKING AT!” I say otherwise. After all, Charles Schulz did allow for alternate versions of his creations (he always labeled the TV and “Happiness is” books as non-canonical, hence CB had a chance with the Little Red Haired Girl on TV). Of course, there were limits: a comic of a pregnant Lucy crying out “Damn You Charlie Brown” were ruthlessly squashed after a couple days at the mall store.

Anyway, follow the link to see the rest and the artist’s explanations behind the comics.

CB, Lucy and Linus as teenagers. One can almost see a temperament change; Linus looks better adjusted and Lucy looks friendlier (if probably still very dominating). Charlie Brown still looks somewhat troubled; probably still recovering from his childhood.


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