More on the Bosses/Bossed comic (and FBOFW):

SpringFlowers on March 23, 2008 said:

You must have read the Foobiverse take on that FBOFW comic, it is interesting to see their take on the Patterson’s family dynamic…and how it created the personalities as shown in the stunted characters of Elizabeth and Michael. Elizabeth’s recent plotting of revenge against female friends, to upset the “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” formula seems to excite her far more then her marriage to Blanthony.

I think back in the 70s, that comic when it first appeared would have been funnier but people today are more educated about personal dynamics, and the evils of “verbal and emotional abuse” especially pertaining to children and in marriages. That comic AFTER the RECOVERY movement reads quit a bit different back in 1979 or whenever it first appeared. One thing I wonder about is the comic strip artist’s choice of THROW-back COMICS, considering her recent divorce and if by that she is more likely to choose negative renditions of her CARTOON husband who definitely has to merge with her real life ex-husband, because the comic strip was based on her life after all….

Yes, I am very much aware of what’s going on at The Comic Curmudgeon, as that was where I got my cartoon from. I should have posted the link up there (especially since I comment of the FBOFW comic that had a shortened version of that on it).

I’m not sure that Liz’s wish to revenge herself on those friends who bridesmaided her is unnatural. You seen some of those getups bridesmaids have had to get themselves into? Just because the comic focuses on that specific moment doesn’t mean it’s been a driving force in her with for marriage (although I kinda wonder if Liz was fired from her job at the “first nations” school and is now marrying Anthony so that she’ll have something to do now. It also wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Liz will find a job in town so she’ll be able to stay in.).

As for the issue of Lynn using the comics to get back at her ex-husband, it’s entirely possible, although one steadfast punchline is always to take the jab at the authority figure, and in the early strips it’s obviously the father who’s the authority figure. More interesting would be seeing how Lynn treats John Patterson in the present-day strips. More to the point: Does the old guy exist anymore? (from what I can tell, nothing outside the immediate family seems to exist anymore.)

More frightening to me is Lynn’s plan to rewrite the past. I understand people’s wishes to restate things better, and reading over Charles Schulz’s collected cartoons makes me appreciate the old times when people could work things until they find what fits and exclude the old failed attempts. But the idea that someone would go over and rewrite their past, even with the idea of perfecting what’s there, is disturbing in that it appears that she’s about to fix things so they come out “as they should have” instead of how they did. After all, real life doesn’t come out as neat as a fictional story plot.


One thought on “More on the Bosses/Bossed comic (and FBOFW):

  1. You got a point about the bridesmaid dresses, I made an eternal enemy of one relative by refusing to wear and BUY with my own money some orange monstrosity. My friends know I cared because I told them for my own wedding, buy a dress of your own choosing and it just has to be BLUE.

    As for Liz coming home, many people were disappointed at that “regression” in the character, everything that was adventurous/mature seems to have been drummed out. The idea that most people {even in Canada} even being able to stay in their home town for LIFE, even buying the parents homestead the way Michael did, is very rare nowadays, not even mentioning the marrying of a high school sweetheart, given how most people change….This is not really a slice of life, but more a wished for life, makes you wonder at how far Lynn’s real children did end up moving and some of her unfullfilled dreams.

    As for Liz marrying Anthony for something to do, the relationship for years has been so blah on one level, they have poor communication {the held back feelings while he married someone else definitely spoke towards that] and lack of passion speak for themselves. I’ve seen people more excited about becoming platonic roommates with each other, then proposing marriage. Even the so called proposal begins with him mentioning his fear of a second divorce and saying “let’s take things slow.” Even considering a recent comic….where Elly visualizes Liz, descending a huge staircase in low flowing wedding dress, {descending not ascending an Escher-like staircase looking like she is about to have a violent fall} the two emotionally stunted lovers, havent even set a date, and after waiting this long, the undercurrent of ambivalence remains intact.

    John finally makes an appearance today, after quite a long time, where they discuss Liz’s upcoming marriage, and say “Two down-one to go”, referring to April. The late life baby, they seem they can’t wait to get out of the house. Over on Foobiverse they have surmised that April would be a prime candidate for teen motherhood, as much as her parents are in a hurry to have her go from 16 to 30 in a snap. April is an extra character after all, with no real life counterpart, so much more expendable.

    The whole “I raised my kids to be married”, gives me a bad taste in my mouth, as one could never see Elly as having praised Liz for any career or other accomplishments but more for becoming a boring fascimile of her. The theme here is almost cloying relief…, “Thank God, my baby isn’t going to be a spinister”! There are still people around today, as I found out myself in younger years, who consider you an “old maid” if you don’t have the ring on your finger by age 25. 26 year old Liz was starting to cross the line!

    I think the whole rewrite the past, recycle the comic strips is frightening as well. I’ve read all of the books for Better or Worse, from the 70s to now…. and it is interesting to me which comics are being chosen and which are not. The negative ones with John such as when he abandons Liz in the middle of the night in her highchair to go back to bed, seem to predominate. She is definitely working out “some issues” via her strip.

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