The Recent Cold Spell and “Global Warming”

The weather has been really cold for the past few months, and this without the hot Christmases which have historically (at least within my active memory) presaged lengthy cold spells that last until mid-summer (if not into the next year). I keep waiting for temperatures to start edging into the forties to stay (as is the average at this moment in Munster, IN) but snow keeps falling.

Now I read about a bunch of global warming doubters shouting about how “Global Warming has been proved as a bunch of hogwash!” Never mind that one year shouldn’t be considered proof of idea (thankfully the smarter of the Global Warming Critics don’t view the cold winter as proof of No Global Warming ™.)

Of course, the one thing people should be considering is being ignored by all: The Effect of China.

Consider this: over the past fifteen years, China has embarked on a radical course of hyperindustrialization. Much of that has involved the usage of many factories and coal plants that pump out tons of dust into the air. Much of the dust will fall onto the earth near where it’s pumped up (hence the average traffic cop’s average lifespan of 40 years), but much of it will stay up at least long enough to affect other areas.

Now consider that many places on the west coast are now in danger of being “in noncompliance with EPA standards.” Never mind the joy that Bush Jr. will have in holding back monies from some blue states because of violations caused by outsiders; the fact that some areas are being affected from the other side of a large ocean should put pause in some people.

Now, if you believe that Humans are heating up the planet by throwing up carbon dioxide and loosing methane into the air, it makes sense that we can cool down the world as well with dust and other sun-scatterers. And I’ve always found it interesting that things cooled down during and after WWII (when industries were bombed and the air was dirtied by bombs and other things).

So I happen to believe that China’s development may be cooling down the world, much to their suffering. However much that is at the moment I can’t say, but I believe that’s happening to some extent.


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