The Comic Strip Doctor takes on Garfield.

Nearly two years ago I commented on what the Internet had done with Garfield. Today I looked over it and changed the links to point to what’s now out there (and thankfully added a link to a randomizer.

Now I come across this man’s discussion on the Garfield comic, in which he describes the rise and fall of the comic strip. He does make some points about how the comic strip could be interesting (and sometimes was) but had recently fallen into boredom (and a quick comment on its recent improvement, due most likely to the recent romance between Liz and Jon). He also talks about the randomizer (and goes on to talk about other ways of changing the reality behind the strips).

Sadly this column has ended, probably because you can only talk about a certain number of ways about how bad comic strips are. With today’s strips hanging on a thread thanks to a newspaper industry just this side of disappearing, one shouldn’t expect TOO MUCH WIT from one’s comics. Besides, when people try to stretch their subject matter beyond what’s familiar and cute, they get ripped on. Ask the creator of Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft: His Dying Lisa caused a number of papers to remove the F.W. strip — strips that have yet to add them back on.

But still, I would have liked to have seen him make one more strip: how Garfield improved over the past few years. It would have made an upbeat ending to the concept.


One thought on “The Comic Strip Doctor takes on Garfield.

  1. What I want to know is why they keep rerunning comics way past their prime to the point that some have become like dynasties, think JEFF KEANE taking over for DAD on FAMILY CIRCUS, so now we have the weird thing of actually having one of the comic characters draw the comic. LOL

    This offers no space for any new talent. Same FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE, where instead of retiring and allowing space for a newcomer or young person, Lynn is holding onto the comic pages with a deathgrip, even RECYCLING OLD COMICS to do so. Garfield, they dont even try anymore. Have you seen THIS? Its hilarious:

    Go read some Adrian Tome, Chris Ware, Peter Bagge, and David Clowes, that’s real comics but none of those will ever be seen in the Sunday paper where we are subjected to PLUGGERS–{let’s laugh at the working class old “animals” who can’t watch a movie because they are so exhausted due to their jobs from hell– to old fogey strips like Blondie, that was dated by the 1970s and Beetle Bailey, who really laughs anymore to see Sargeant beat the stuffing out him?. Dont get me started on the other tripe that has been left to rot on the comic pages.

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