Why I get up in arms about Steroids and HGH in sports?

Like many people out there, I dislike the effects that Steroids and HGH have on sports. I dislike that they’ve warped the Baseball records, that many medals and such were given to people who were doing Steroids and HGH.

However, too many just talk about it as “cheating” as if the rules have been there in stone since before the formation of the sport. Ask most people why they’d have steroids banned from sports, and they’ll say “it’s cheating, athletes shouldn’t have to cheat.” without any further thought. Then, when the discussion goes to supplements and Gatorade the anti-steroid person falls for the slippery-slope argument and ends up silenced by the pro-steroid among us.

So the question: where to stick the fence to stop the slippery slope?

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Another question: What’s right about vitamin supplements and Gatorade and Lasik? Why would those items be accepted (and celebrated, in the case of Gatorade) while HGH is banned from sports and anabolic steroids are favored for hiding from the tests meant to detect their brothers. Granted it doesn’t stop the users from using, but still only the libertarians seem to have no problem with Florence Johnson dieing in her mid-thirties and Pro Wrestling watching their stars die off in their forties.

What I would posit is that whatever is used by a sizeable portion of the population becomes acceptable for athletic use. Supplements used to fortify people’s health becomes acceptable for sport stars. Lasik surgery, already popular in its previous forms, turns Tiger Woods from a first amongst equals to head, shoulders and arms above the rest. Gatorade goes from a Florida Gator secret to the stuff of all sports to a popular drink beyond anyone’s expectations.

HGH, however, remains a niche drug with genetically short people taking to to grow to average heights (and a few vain older women taking it for imitation youth). And steroids, while very much useful for healing, remain only a healing drug with little or no allowance for pure strength work (outside of AIDS patients). Hence whatever advantage given them is considered cheating.

And if anabolic steroids became widely used? Then they would become accepted. Until that happens (fat chance, thank god) I wouldn’t expect steriods to be welcomed to sports (sorry, Canseco).

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