Clinton’s Side Wants Michigan and Florida’s Delegates Seated, Despite Having Voted Them Moot To Begin With!

In a previous post of mine (which I unfortunately removed because of some oddity with this blog) I wrote this:

Now understand this: barring a radical change in either my beliefs or a severe scandal that would tear down the top of the Democratic party (both unlikely, but I’m making sure I have an out in case I need it), I’ll vote for Hillary if she makes it on the Ballot. I’ll be damned if I vote against my economic enemies; the fact that they’ve DECLARED war on me and my ilk is clear.

Well, I haven’t changed into a rabid duty-to-life, economically randroid, rapture-ready christian, something is threatening that may be enough of a scandal to make me change my vote. Somthing sub-unethical, and poor-sportish to boot.

In short this: The Clinton camp has started campaigning for the Michigan and California delegates to be welcomed and seated.

This is wrong on so many levels:

  1. Having voted the Michigan and Florida delegates out, the Clinton Camp now wants them back in case “they need it.”
  2. The votes in Michigan and Florida show a level of ignorance that the other states don’t, based on the simple fact that the Democratic candidates didn’t campaign in these states. Not only that, but many reasonable people who would have voted didn’t vote because they figured their vote didn’t count — indeed, one can count the votes in these primaries as unreasonable, as they were voting in instances when THEIR VOTE WOULD NOT COUNT. Those who vote for a losing side in an election know their votes have to be marked, counted and reported; the “voters” in Michigan and Florida didn’t even have that in their favor.
  3. Michigan’s voters only had the choice of Clinton and some third-level candidates, as most of the important candidates withdrew their names (you know who excepted, of course).
  4. It definitely appears that the Clinton Camp is grasping at straws. If you don’t count superdelegates, they’re already behind.
  5. How convenient that the Michigan and Florida delegates would boost Clinton’s delegate count. If they voted for Obama (or if they could have done so in Michigan), you know they’d be fighting against the delegates.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Here’s how I’ll decide my vote:

  • If Obama wins, I’m voting for him.
  • If Clinton wins without Michigan or Florida delegates, I’ll vote for her. It’s still a legal victory, superdelegates or no.
  • If Clinton wins through the use of Michigan’s and/or Florida’s delegates AND THERE’S A TOLERABLE THIRD PARTY ON INDIANA’S BALLOT, I’m voting for that third party.
  • If Clinton wins through the use of Michigan’s and/or Florida’s delegates and the only other party running a presidental candidate is the Republicans, I’ll thank the Lord that the Republican candidate(s) are tolerable this time around and vote for a Republican presidential candidate.

A simple system, imho. And it allows me to vote against my interests if the necessity comes up.


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