Would You Believe They Found These In Wal-Mart?

Note: This has already been withdrawn by Wal-Mart, even before I found out about it.

I have a theory about this:

Now, do you honestly want your Daughter to wear these?

Basically, Wal-Mart’s bottom line is suffering. It seems people are no longer buying stuff at the end of the month.

So what’s there to do? Train your future customers.

Here’s the thing: you get a lot of teenage and early-adult girls wearing these and while they’re wearing them they’re thinking about ways of getting stuff. Suddenly they get an idea from the wording and put themselves out for “compensated dating” (a Japanese term for “Give me some clothes, I’ll give you some release).

Suddenly Wal-Mart is filled with overgrown Lolitas with their Hubert Humphreys in tow, overloading the miss teen aisles and stripping the clothes racks bare every Friday and Saturday night. The corporation’s bottom line bloats, new stores are built, and forty year old men who would have resigned themselves to infrequent bouts with Miss Michigan’s Evil Sister get to have sex with the daughter of the woman who put them in their place back in high school. Maybe the Wal-Mart doctor gets some extra business when he starts dealing with these new customers, from exams to under-the-table contraception to pregnancy options (will he be pro-life, or will Wal-Mart institute a “Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell” system between them and their patients/customers?).

Either way, something’s going on here and I’m sure Wal-Mart knows full well what it’s doing.

(or at least knew what they were doing. Fox News actually shamed them into taking the panties off the market. Evidently even THEY have things that shame them.


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