The News Now Officially Sucks!

I have a friend who was once in the newspaper business for years, slogging in the minor leagues of small towns and county seats where the newspapers mainly wrote to the elders who still read them. He got out because he saw the news industry start focusing on stars, to the news industry’s growing shame and collapse.

Now as it’s happened, one can say things have been on a downward curve. But still, people could find “real news” in the American press and media, if they knew how to find it.

No longer.

Ever since the Super Bowl, I’ve had to deal with fluff, fluff and more fluff. Not only that, but bizarre fluff.

First, it was astronauts in diapars. Jokes and other stuff, plus the consistent fixation on those diapers that allowed 900 miles of driving without a potty break.

Now, Anna Nicole Smith’s death has become a circus. AT LEAST three men claiming to be the father of his surviving child, biops hogging all the time on the newsmagazine shows, and more and more jokes.

And meanwhile we have the Democratic party becoming the rump party the Neocons and Republicans have always wanted them to be, with their majority meaning less than nothing in the House and Senate (that’s right, folks; the minority party is running things and they’re haughtier than ever!). Meanwhile we’re setting up a war with Iran and Russia is looking with baited breath.

The cold weather has us further in a vise, yet oil and gas prices seem to be dropping in anticipation of Spring. How this is happening I have no idea.

For all we know, we may have finally turned an ugly corner with the start of declining oil yeilds. The draft may have been implimented already, or the rednecks, NRA types and other conservatives have been given a “order 66” to clear out all groups within reach not considered “loyal” to the conservative order. Or Bush may have been shot.

But we won’t know, because the news focused on a diapered astronaut and some third-rate bimbo’s death from diet pills.


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