Overloud Blowhards Win Their Fight Against Free Speech

Just heard that George W. Bush (our President, as I’m ready to state) just signed a law banning protests at “Military Funerals” in order to stop a group of lame idiots with too much money and time on their hands from doing their “Die America, Die” chants. (Actually it’s more for stopping the motorcyclists protesting these idiots, but nobody want to think of that. After all, we’re talking about people supporting our men in uniform; and we can’t come out against THEM, can we?)

Just what I need to find out: Bury someone in a military fashion and the place becomes a speech-free zone where only those who are expected to speak can speak.

Where’s the ACLU when you need them? With this precedent the idea of free-speech free zones can expand to include every aspect of governmental action, even when there’s no sign of federal, state or local government around.

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