Amerindians Again Take The Hit…

For Yet Another Euro-American Grasp At Pseudo-Holiness

But then, what do you expect from a people pushed to the sidelines and made to profit off our vices and troubles?

I’m serious. I’d like to see some industries developed that allow a blue-collar working class to develop amongst the American Indians, or at least drive them to become more like the rest, but instead we seem quite content (OK, how about disturbed for the wrong reason) that Amerindians has again found themselves taking the detritus of American life and forced to make a living from it.

I wonder what will happen elsewhere as other states become “abortion free” only to find the Amerindians filling the gap their vindictive laws open up. First it’s them allowing gambling, now this.

I’d say “get a life, fundies” but people tend to get high off the fumes of their self-righteousness. Blinded to other’s sufferings by their victories, their navels become the limits of their gaze. Others suffer, yet they celebrate, willfully unaware of the carnage they cause.

(You want me to say they’re celebrating BECAUSE OF the carnage? I’m not THAT mean.)


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