Would I REALLY Want To Be “Wanted” If I Were A Child?

Probably one of the biggest cries in the “pro-choice” crowd (the idea being that the people having the children should CHOOSE to have the children, not so much that they should enjoy their butchering from within their bodies) is “Every Child a Wanted Child

You sure you want that? Not so much because supposedly children have been getting more and more abused (for reasons of divorce, constant moving, class and other things), but because of who’s wanting the kids and who’s not wanting them.

First, let’s look at the statistics. In “Freakonomics” it is noticed that since abortion became bulletproof the number of conceptions grew 30%, but births only fell 6%. In other words, the action itself tended to inflate its own importance. Granted, there were people born who probably shouldn’t have been, but one would think that, with one out of four babies/fetuses forced out of the womb before they could survive on their own, you’d see more than a 6% drop-off in births.

Second, let’s consider who’d be likely to want a kid, and why. Not a complete list, mind you, but a parcel of people who you might not want to have children but will have them anyway:

  • Teenage girls looking for a way out of the home, knowing they’ll get a place and enough $$$ to live independently
  • Teenage girls rebelling against their mothers
  • Women looking for someone to love, who won’t leave them (because they can’t)
  • Women (or Girls) who, having lived a few years of a self-centered relationship, find themselves suddenly with a purpose and reason in life because of an accident (the “Papa Don’t Preach” effect)
  • Girls who’ve become so ensconced in a relationship with their father, stepfather or uncle that they couldn’t think of saying “no” if they wanted to (every so often there’s a story about a woman having borne 22 children (10 who’ve survived with genetic damage intact) and it turns out the children’s father is also their grandfather)

And what about those who wouldn’t want a kid? Those who you’d want to breed, but choose not to:

  • Smart women after a career more than a family
  • Women who should be able to find a man except they want something more than a man’s going to give them.
  • Rich woman more into buying stuff than raising children

Or, as a song pointed out, “looked around and noticed only stupid people were breeding.” (or words to that effect)

It is a concern. While I’m not worried about replacing myself in the future (THAT’S been taken care of already, by proxy if not directly), there is something to be said about the quality of the replacements. Since the same book notes that oftentimes how one’s life turns out is based on the conditions one was born into, the fact that the wombs of the well-to-do and well-done are being kept barren while the troubled and struggling are fruitful is troubling on its own level.


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