Faces Of Meth

Faces of Meth, from Partnership For a Drug Free America

Seriously, follow the link above. Click on the left, look at the pictures on the right.

Probably the most intriguing part of this for me is looking at the girl’s hair color. Seems it gets wilder the longer they’re on Meth. Brunettes and platinum blondes go redhead, and redheads go multi-colored. Sure, they mugs are uglier on the after side (and no, I wouldn’t hit on them either before or (DEFINITELY) after), but the hair says more to me than most anything else.

And so what if the link site is a bit lame. This page itself is worth seeing, if nothing else to see what you’re about to get into if you actually decide to continue with the noxious habit. I don’t think that even crack was as bad, and it bitch-slapped the poorer urban neighborhoods like you wouldn’t believe.


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