No, Not This — Bring Back Engler Instead!

Dominos Pizza CEO to Head DeVos’s Gubernatorial Campaign

So it looks like Rich DeVos will try to win the Governor’s seat in the state of Michigan.

Bad enough that this guy is part of the two families that introduced MLM to the world. Bad enough that they built the first army of Americans who joyously went against their interests by voting for those who wished to make them poor. Bad enough that the company his father (and friend Van Andel) built has made peace with those forces that have worked to bilk their salespeople and abuse those whom they’ve raised (in order to tear down gleefully). Bad enough that they have a whole city under their thumb…

Now they want to have a state under their thumb.

But let’s not forget…while the number of the beast is supposed to be a person, it can also represent an area code.

wink, wink (for the humor impaired)


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