Flash: Alito Gets Nominated (Constitutional Option Week, Vol. 4

Alito Nominated for Supreme Court Seat

Darn. This is more like it.

A strong KNOWN conservative (especially on Abortion Limitations), he has spent his time as the dissenter in a liberal circuit court. Now he gets a chance to say how law is applied nationwide.

I still say this is how the Republicans ban the Democratic Party and set themselves up as sole legislators in this country. Remember, many are still itching to destroy the Filibuster rules in the Senate, and should certain Dems try to ban things you’ll see a vote on the floor allowing for majority rule in stopping debate. After that…

(Thing is, the Republican leadership has done a wonderful job in declawing and deteething the Democratic party. They’ve gone from fuming over how people could pick some actor over a man with experience (Reagan) to accepting that they’re going to be Ghettoized (“red states/blue states”) and cheated against (Florida, Ohio, possibly others) and sabotaged (Dean, post-Iowa). At some point it wouldn’t surprise me to find the Democratic Party withdraw from certain states (Tennessee, Texas, Montana, etc) because of money woes, leaving the Repubs as the only national party).


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