Sox Win!/Miers Backs Off

  1. Socks Win! 88 Years of Frustration Vanquished! I don’t mind this year, as we’re talking about a victory long in the making. However, I’ll get a bit peeved if this happens again in the next few years (and it’s a possibility).After all, I’m a fan of the Baseball Puddy-Tats (not to be confused with the Football Puddy-Tats, although they come from the same city). Been over fifteen years since I’ve had a team worth cheering about. Not only that, but the team seems to have gone out of the way to mess things up (building an oversized stadium in the age of smaller spaces, steroid kings after their magic potions have been banned, etc.).

    At least there’s Hockey and BasketBall

  2. Miers Withdraws Nomination Now don’t get me wrong, I do think the next nomination will force the court more over to the right (and they ought to congratulate themselves on this). However, I have to support this withdrawal simply because we’re talking about qualifications — and I don’t think she’s quite that qualified. Especially after Roberts, who was probably one of the best nominations as an associate judge.At least we’ll still have O’Conner around for another year or so.

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