Thoughts on Harriet Miers (Constitutional Option Week, V. 3.0)

Maybe This Explains Their Wish to Impeach Judges….

I was reasonably acquiescent over Judge Roberts. While I think Bush gambled by placing him as Head Justice (Which I don’t mind, as Scalia would have been a sure bet at keeping the court leaning towards the right and Thomas would have made the lean bitter and thoughtless.), he was a good choice for justice. Especially when it turned out he was replacing Reinquest instead of O’Conner.

As for this Harriet Miers, I have serious doubts. The right is bellyaching, as they want someone blatantly anti-birth control, pro-business and anti-federal government. They want to act like they’re so powerful that they can snap their fingers and the government will beat each other up to give them their wish.

Thing is, real power is subtle. It tips, it hints, and it gets what it wants by faking out. Sometimes you get by seeming to give to the others, then taking away stealthily. Like with steel imports: Bush Jr. let the tariffs pass, then gave exceptions to everyone until the tariffs made no sense.

Same with this Harriet Miers. I’ll bet her politics are as follows:

  1. Monty-Pythonesque view on birth control
  2. Rights don’t reside in individuals, they reside in corporations
  3. Only governments that count are south of the Mason-Dixon line.



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