$20 Million for Failing???

The Sun-Times Article. Scroll down 1/3 of the page to find the item in question.

Okay, so it’s over something that Curry has no control over, and would be unable to change if the wrong answer came out. And it’s in a field where people earn much more than that over a shorter span (if I remember right, Jordan earned more each year the last three years he played as a Bull).

Still, the idea that someone would gain $400,000 per year over fifty years; or $20,000,000 for failng, is shocking.

Evidently Curry felt the gamble was worth it. He has now allowed himself to be traded to the Knicks.

For Curry’s sake, I hope he’s right. Not necessarily because of any personal bias, but because I’d very much hate to learn he died in practice, or worse yet, during a game (see #3), and to find out a genetic test showed he inherited his heart problems.


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