Problems with the last two elections

  1. I wonder if Gore threw the 2000 election.Consider this: whole areas in northern Florida were set up with the sole purpose of keeping Blacks from voting. Systems which were put in place to keep “felons” from voting were made to include as loose a definition as possible (if an identifying marker or two was close enough to a match, you were excluded despite your history). Florida A&M University (the historically black university in Tallahassee) had their Union was locked, since that was where their students were supposed to vote, there were no votes cast from that university.

    But while he waxed poetic and verbose about the loss of a few Hispanic votes, he cared nothing about what happened to the north.

    Did Gore decide to throw the election so that he wouldn’t owe the blacks? They’ve suffered from both ends of the political spectrum: The Democrats give them little since their vote can be counted on, and the Republicans are in the position that they don’t need to deal with them to win many elections. Here was a place where their vote could have explicitly counted, and the people who needed them chose to lose.

  2. If I was the Democratic Party, I would have looked into cooked elections LONG BEFORE THE ELECITON ITSELF! I would have looked at the Iowa Primary, plus I would have looked at the press itself for its actions.Consider: Dean, their front-runner and major fundraiser comes in a distant third behind two of the lamest people the Dems could have come up with. Then, when he’s trying to rally the troops, the press isolates his voice and insures that the ONE SOUND BITE THAT WOULD HAVE KILLED ANYONE was caught and reran for the rest of the nation to think over.

    By the time the press did their “How we skewered the news” segment on the Dean Scream (more to the point: their bragging about how they delivered the election to Bush and Company), the Dems had panicked fatally. They went from “Who do we love” to “Who do we think can defeat Shrub Jr.” Needless to say, the lamest candidate (one who actually looked forward to retiring, may I add) was the one picked, and even with all the advantages couldn’t beat Bush.

Just some thoughts about the election. Stuff I don’t need to invoke Diebold (we fix elections, so you don’t have to) to dispute.


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