The Party of What?

(First, an apology: I wrote a longer post for this which turned out to have some off-topic stuff. Nothing filthy or salacious, just off topic. I’ll place it in its own post in a couple of days.)

Deficits and Surpluses since Kennedy

That’s right, friends. The Republicans (the so-called “party of responsibility) has been the party to raise the deficit every chance they get. And don’t tell me that Clinton did his part; even before the Repubs took over the house and senate he was working to reduce the deficit.

Now you can tell the true cost of subsidizing the rich with money from the poor. And it’s going to get worse: Bush has said “No New Taxes” probably because he’s yet to figure out a way to have a tax that ONLY hits the poor; and they’re probably too chickenshit as yet to put up a proposal for a regressive income tax yet. Give them another year, and they’ll probably try to browbeat congress into creating such a thing.


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