One Word: Filibusters

Okay, so it was bad enough that the moderate-“liberal” O’Conner was to be replaced by John Roberts, at least we had a guy who know the Supreme Court intimately. Now Roberts is being tapped to be Head of the Supreme Court, in response to Judge Reinquest’s death.

Is it me, or are the neocons (with Bush as their leader) getting bolder (or more desperate) about getting rid of the Filibuster?

I’m not sure what would be worse this time around: Roberts as leader of the Supreme Court, or Roberts fully rejected. The former would just be the victory of stupidity, but it would be trumpeted all over the world as a victory against evil. The latter would lead to the rejection of the Filibuster law, one of the last checks against rampant majority rule.

I hope the same moderate grouping that headed off the last filibuster threat comes back again, this time with this offer to the president: Roberts as a Supreme Court member, Scalia as its head, no problems in the senate. Otherwise, I fear things will change, and all for the bad.

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