New Orleans: What should be some final thoughts

I was going to go to New Orleans the weekend after the Fourth of July.

The motel was ready and located near the French Quarter and the Warehouse district. It would have been free (for me). And there would have been friendly people to walk through NO with, just in case I wanted some protection in a group.

Thing was, there were doubts. The person paying for the trip cringed over the cost (and was worried about other things that were threatening to tear into her wallet. Plus I considered the weather would have been too hot and sweaty and that there wouldn’t have been enough time to do a proper tour.

So I held off and figured I’d do a winter visit; hopefully in time to catch Mardi Gras.


Mind you, no one would have figured on a Hurricane blasting through the Big Easy, although it had to happen eventually. Not only that, but no one figured that a culture based on “if it hasn’t busted yet, don’t fix it (even if it’s obvious that it will)” would fall apart eventually as something broke.

Anyway, Looks like New Orleans won’t be there for me to visit anymore. At least not in the old, friendly version.

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