Why I Like Downtowns.

I like downtowns that are thriving.

I like downtowns because each storefront stands on its own, and not as a designed part of a pseudo-whole.

I like downtowns because you’re outside and in a public space when you leave a store. Malls are private spaces where the public is invited if they shop or hang out.

I like downtowns because there’s parks and things you don’t find in the malls.

I like downtowns because demographics aren’t catered to there.

I like downtowns because there’s the sounds of downtown going on there; and nothing is piped in or played off muzak.

I like downtowns because you don’t hear muzak everywhere in the air (not even at the record stores).

I like downtowns because the people you meet there and the stores there have interesting things.

I like downtowns because the stores there aren’t cookie-cutter. Even the cookie-cutter stores aren’t cookie-cutter.

I like downtowns because at midnight you can still be in it; and even find things to do there.

And finally, I like downtowns because all the boring people hang out at malls and Wal-Marts and Targets and other Cookie-cutter developments that have turned America into a generic land where the only identifiers for cities is weather patterns; leaving the interesting and curious to hang out together.


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