On Judge John G. Roberts

I don’t like what I see going on.

Yes, I’d like to see a critical look at Roberts. However, I think the left had better shift their battle elsewhere. Roberts may be a conservative, but he has many years of experience with the Supreme Court and knows its ways better than anyone other than the judges (and Sandra Day O’Conner, former judge).

If John Roberts is successfully blocked, here’s what I fear will happen:

  1. The media (as there is no longer any liberal mainstream media in existence in the US) will wail about how Shrub Jr. had done his best to appease the liberal left and they came back with “This.”
  2. There will be a vote to declare “filibusters” dead. It will pass.
  3. The next person who comes up for a judgeship will make John Roberts almost communistic:
    • The judge’s view of reproductive rights will be Monty Pythonesque — and dead serious.
    • Separation of Church and State becomes Separation of Churchless and their freedoms.
    • The RIAA and MPAA gets the ruling they want: That the 13th Amendment does not apply to “intellectual property thieves” and anyone who deals with Intellectual Property owners.
    • Further, more radical rulings that shift rights from people to corporations, and from smaller corporations to bigger ones.
  4. As a result of the filibuster rule, laws are enacted to make the Democratic Party criminal. These laws will stand up in court.

Give him SOMETHING to think about, but let him in. The court’s going to the right; last thing needed is an excuse for it to go further than it must; and better someone who respects the court than someone who will choose to vegetate on the bench. At least Scalia explains himself.


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