Public Broadcasting Needs To Think Over Some Things

So Public Broadcasting has dodged yet another bullet, getting precious federal funding for its television and radio programs.

These guys need to get a clue, and quick:

The U.S. government today is run by Republicans. They own the Presidency and sizable majorities in both houses, plus they’ve been pushing their judges into positions of high judgeship for years. Plus they’ve developed their own media from top (Rush Limbaugh, Faux Television, Family Life Radio, The Washington Times) to bottom (The Blogosphere is but the most obvious version of this), with constant incursions into “enemy territory.”

And what does your average liberal/leftist/progressive do? Hide themselves in “Green Zones,” write among themselves, blithely assume the rightness of their stands to be blindingly obvious, and whine about the rest of the nation.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget: They expect the goverment to insure that their Sabbath Service runs on time.

Meanwhile PBS takes on a greater rightward lean. Can All Things Considered be next? How long before Garrison Keillor starts lecturing on why God had no choice but to take six days to make the world — and seriously, may I add?

Maybe what both National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting need to do is cut itself off fully from Uncle Sam’s teat. As long as this present bunch of Republicans remains in power the federal money NPR and CPB get acts as a millstone around the neck. Keep depending on it, and more and more they shall become an ugly parody of Faux News. Really — if you NPR and PBS fans keep up your dependency on federal money, the time will come when Ann Coulton and Michael Savage are the sane voices on your TV and Radio stations.

And if it means commercials, maybe that’s what it will take. Otherwise, you guys will need to give more money — like your Christian friends, who make no bones of giving 10% to their churches and more to missions (like radio and television).


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